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Light in the Dark

At our northern studios we are now fully submerged in the darkest time of the year. Here at the Studio Base Camp the light disappears earlier and arrives later due the behemoth mountains dominating the skyline. Pushing the horizon up high and turning the light down low during this phase of the cycle. We are gifted the #Alpenglow in return. A kind of fire dance in the sky. When the elements mix and mingle the dramatic and dreamy displays of nature stop us in place. We are provoked at a deeper level and held in awe. The interplay of light and dark is captivating and mesmerizing. We become illuminated from the inside out with the spark of inspiration. We carry the sparks as a creative torch, keeping the flame stoked within by spending time absorbing all of the ever changing beauty around us.

Dramtic clouded sky at sunset
< > Fire in the Sky < > Mystic Peaks Studio < >

During the fall-winter days, we explore outside bundled with warm beverages and curious eyes. Searching for magnificence within the flat light. The blue-sky sparkly days are pure magic teeming with aliveness. Alternatively we have much appreciation for the darker grey days that seem suspended in peace. Weather can change in an instant and our cameras are primed to capture it. Spontaneously we slow down in wonderment.

Afterwards, inside, we light the fire and enjoy the radiant heat and sense of cozy. One of our favourite senses here at the studio is the sense of coziness. It bridges pleasure and survival, elevating our experience through the pleasing of the senses. The journey outdoors to the return indoors are both explorations of the senses and opportunities to be cozy. Spending time with the elements exposes us to the nature of the universe, and consecutively or simultaneously influences our human nature to create. Using our senses to explore the elements invites another type of communication into our lives. What an incredible creative connection we have there.

Studio Woodstove
< > Mystic Hearth < > Mystic Peaks Studio < >

"The primordial fire that sparked millions of galaxies is the same fire that sparks the human creative impulse." ~Cindy Spring

No matter the conditions outside, we are all about rustic luxury and are grateful to have places to hang our hats and toques and to keep our toes toasty. The studio woodstove heats us when the damp coolness visits. We also brew up hot bevies and craft culinary fare on it. Choosing sustainably harvested wood (i.e. no clear cuts or old growth) as fuel and having multiple usages going in tandem offsets the impact of our choices. There's a comfort, a mix of pleasure and protection, with the wood heat. It's also entertaining. A visual meditation waiting to enchant you. The fire connects us to ancient ways and wisdom. It is a reminder that innovation can be simple yet completely change the world.

From the fire in our hearth to the fire in our hearts to the fire fusing new galaxies, fire is an undeniably profound element. With the amount of water we have in the Pacific Northwest these days a little fire is what we need to ignite our spirits, stir our senses, and bring a glow to the grey dark days. Wet storms aside, everyone could use with their inner fire being stoked as the world benefits from lit up people raising the torch light of creativity. When we see the fire in the sky turn to an ink black sky infused with the incandescence of stars we feel the creative flare lighting the path of possibilities.

Imaginative dare: Imagine the fire that lights your creative flame. How can you stoke it, tend to it, and revel in it? Gaze at a fire, imagine a fire, or use the images we've provided here. Now share your fire. We dare you. Be sure to let us know when you do. We are cheering you on under the disco party lights of the shimmering cosmos.

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