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A Desire to Inspire

Desire is the absurdity that holds open the infinity of possibility. ~Wendy Farley

The world will tell you stories about yourself and will lay them on your bed for you to put on in the morning. It is then we must walk away and go into the wardrobe of our own desires. What then would choose for yourself? These adornments of choice are the real clothes we wear in authentic celebration of our truth. Those clothes may be no clothes at all or they may be enchanting in texture, drape and colour - a dazzling sight to see, or they may be muted and gentle, soft and suggesting of peace and surrender. The important thing is we chose them, that we dressed, or undressed ourselves, and then we can begin from there.

<-> dispatch from Wild~Star~Mage <->

What gets in the way of achieving and receiving our desires? Often ourselves! Which is good news since that's where much of our power both begins and ends. The thing about having blocks to desire is that it is totally normal. And through our resistance we can wade through our own ocean of reality as an access point to find freedom. It is our barricades that are sign posts along the way illuminating where our edges lay, where we can grow. At Mystic Peaks we traverse between and beyond the edges to find the ledges where we can get a glimpse and identify our own personal peaks and valleys. We can make a choice to be in brave communication with our desires and there's so much to learn in that sweet spot of choosing.

We dare you to get curious about your desires and be in radical honesty, and to dream deep and wide. We also dare you to write these down and speak them aloud. At the studio we call these whispers to the wind, but feel free to shout them out!

Weekly #creativeflare . It is alchemy in action to offer something up in exchange for what you truly desire. The art of surrender is a revolutionary act. What can you offer on the alter of your choices as a trade for what really lights you up? For a secret, or not so secret, desire that you are withholding inside? It can be as simple as offering your very resistance to learning what it is and you are encouraged to be the intrepid explorer in this field of potential. We need more lit up people in this world whom are in touch with their desires, no matter how big or small.

Now what to offer? Ok Nichola our Founder will go first... I offer up my resistance to writing this post. It is my desire with MPS to inspire, to offer inspiration as a portal and from what I know there’s strange beauty in the darkness that shines from the truth that our depths and even our perceived weaknesses hold the greatest potential for personal and collective growth. One cannot speak about desire without dipping into the darkness. Darkness is full of uncertainty and we've had a surplus of it in recent months. Do we need more of it?! Absolutely, it is one of the most frequent currencies in our life. The current of uncertainty can get very rough and it can also be quite thrilling. As fall slides into winter in the northern hemisphere the dark is ever present. Hiding from what is real doesn't make it disappear. We need not fear it! Let's be curious and fierce about our fears. They are fuel for our creations. A playful approach lightens the load. In darkness we can find depth. Travelling lightly will allow you to descend feeling weightless into this liberating place where we can retrieve all parts of our prismatic selves.

Another currency we hold in infinite amounts is creativity. We have that available as a tool for navigating both the darkness and the ambiguity. Many creatives can attest to that being a trusted companion amidst the bewildering times we find ourselves in. Life is a wild river and we also each have an inner river that longs to be noticed. In this inner river we can tap into our creative self that is deeply resilient and nourishes us with possibility. We find the treasure in the dark where it can sparkle once illuminated by our awareness.

Rivers, wardrobes, luminosity. These are metaphors for the journey, the container, and the discovery. As David Byrne says, "The world might be more dreamlike, metaphorical, and poetic than we currently believe . . . I wouldn't be surprised if poetry—poetry in the broadest sense, in the sense of a world filled with metaphor, rhyme, and recurring patterns, shapes, and designs—is how the world works. The world isn't logical, it's a song."

So Creative Adventurer, blow up your raft and let's flow with the ebbs and float into the dark river inside to see what we can find. We will meet you there.

Poetic offering to liberate desire from darkness:

Destiny for Dinner

my throat bleeds with words unsaid

and this is not what I want for dinner

curious eyes recede into my head

and this where I caught a glimmer

life is still happening mostly all the same

except that I am not the same.

so I call out to my desires

with a voice determined though tired

and when they came into view

I gathered them to put on the menu.

<-> Wild~Star~Mage <->

Image Credits:

1. Wardrobe of Desire, Mystic Peaks Studio

(cape photo by Tiffany Stark) & (wardrobe image via The Vintaquarian)

2. Mystic River Channel, Mystic Peaks Studio

3. Alpine Glow Reflection, Mystic Peaks Studio

4. Dark River, Wide Field, NASA APOD

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