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Mystic Peaks Studio is a meeting place
housing both the collaborative and independent work of founder Nichola Napora and her industry relationships.

A multi-disciplinary discovery x development innovation studio, exploring the convergence of nature/outdoor, sport/performance, culture, business, technology, and human potential. 

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Mystic Peaks Studio is a meeting place for the collaborative and independent work of Nichola Anne Napora.


With a basecamp studio in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Canada and a roaming research lab our reach is both wide and deep, yet it is the details where we delight and (re)define.

Our multi-strand business path weaves Artful Advocacy, Product Creation, Conscious Commerce, Experiencial Adventure, Science & Human Potential, Inventive Imagineering, Inspired Media, and Empathic Innovation.  

How you can work with Nichola / Mystic Peaks Studio?

Visit LinkedIn for more insights.

  • Consulting and Collaboration on Sustainable Business, Product, and Service Development.

  • Hivemind Brainstorming Workshops for envisioning creative innovation concepts that serve clients. 

  • Innovation, Product, and Material/Trim Development.

  • Product Creation Training and Process Design.

  • Discover Your Creative Legacy, Opportunity Consulting.

On the horizon:

  • Tools & Resources. Shop coming soon.

  • Product Performance experiences for B2B and B2C 

  • Arc of Transformation Consulting and Trainings/Workshops


Consulting to Creatives, Evolving Businesses, Conscious Brands, Visionaries/Futurists, Ethical Manufacturers

Coaching & Workshops

Innovation Expedition  voyage series coming in 2024 to guide / support you in discovering and developing at your transformational edge.

Creative Tools

Perspective-shifting / Activating Prompts & Tools to Turn up the Volume on Inspiration and Integrate an Activated Imagination

Design & Development

Contract Innovation Design Engineering, Technical Design, Product & Material Development, Technical Fit, Product Storytelling, Brand Experience

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MYSTIC: apprehension of truths that are beyond intellect 

PEAks: the highest level or greatest degree reached again and again in the cycles of creation


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Nichola Napora is full of surprises. She weaves elements and spans worlds committed to her creative curiosity and passion/purpose led heart-mission. At the root of her intentions is to be living a fulfilled existence that ripples positive impact into all of her relationships and communities.

Professionally, Nichola is an evolving collaborative leader and an industry expert with a rich and storied career in product creation and trade. She cut her threads in the apparel-textiles-softgoods industry at the wee age of 15, leading her first production run for the Red Cross and winning multiple industry awards in her Fashion Tech studies. She entered the realm professionally with her first collection at age 18 before being continually recruited for ever evolving dream jobs until she launched this studio in 2020. Her schedule is dynamically balanced with interesting projects surfacing within her vast network and living a creative unconventional life close to all things wild. While keeping her eyes roaming between big visions and the small details, she is always researching from a place of embodied experience and a devotion to positive evolution. 


Her creative and cultural adventures cover vast territory allowing boundless creativity and imaginative empathy. A true polymath and creator mixing inspiration, experience, and an intuitive response in the execution of the craft at hand. Mediums extend to yet are not limited by; Textiles, Sport, Photography, Performance, Poetry, Music, Film, Graphics, Storytelling, Visionary Journeying, Fashion & Costume, Plant Medicine, and Sculpture. Nichola views craft as the technical knowledge and skill, and art as the imagination that journeys with the creator to be anchored into form.


A culture and innovation researcher that leans towards scientist and engineer, wellness advocate, alchemist, and naturalist responding to the currents of life by revolutionizing how she interfaces with life on this amazing planet. Continually finding and sharing solutions and insights along the way she is no stranger to radical change and finds a way of landing softly in hard challenges. With a deep well of wisdom from vast and deep experience and resources, she has expanded on a thriving career in design and product development by creating her latest transformative adventure, Mystic Peaks Studio. The business is intended to house the life-force of her independent and collaborative work.


She is continually experimenting personally and professionally, and shares her awe and knowledge generously with effervescence and in the spirit of collaboration.  

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Our Triple Heart Mission

of Holistic Radical Care

for Self, Environment and Community. We seek to Inspire Courage, Stoke the Imagination, and Positively Affect the Collective.

We Activate, Explore and Liberate Human Potential Through Embodiment, Sensory + Environmental Awareness with Our Ever Evolving and Expanding Creative Place and Stewardship within the Blueprint of Nature.

We bridge 3D Reality with the Field of Possibility through blending conscious discovery with mindful explorations rooted in  empathetic development. 


Why Reach Out? There is a fire sparked in the midst of passion during a hivemind session that can be captured, nurtured, liberated, and then transformed into tangible tools and resources to stoke endless creative expansion and evolution. This and so much more.


Image by Matteo Vella

ONE SPECIES WHO INSPIRES US is the Octopus - 8 limbs, 9 brains, 3 hearts. it knows no creative boundaries. integrating mystical wisdom and philosophy from this animal essence is infinite in its depth and inspiration. similar to the 8 paths of yoga, these limbs allow US to branch out from a core place of integrity.  stay tuned as we organically grow into our living philosophy.

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