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Spring, Standing with Earth and with the Ukraine

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

These are chaotic times. So we play and rest in nature to rejuvenate ourselves when the heart of holding the world becomes too heavy. We pause and we listen to the voices of those who advocate/d for a better present and future, and we give our creativity for the sake of doing the same. This is how we can co-create a sustainable global community.

In this #NFT we see the colours of the Ukraine held by the fertile green of Gaia. With lineage roots in the hardworking hands of Ukrainian folk we hold space for peace to flourish like the flowers of spring. One day, we wish and whisper into the belly of the earth, one day Love will uplift the planet and we will emerge wiser for all we've been through - this is our prayer each day. Beyond blessings of spring and of peace, we have donated significantly to the #redcross here and to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. Please consider doing what you can.

Our Mission is to Spread Love, Inspire Courage, Stoke the Imagination, and Be the Change.

On a Quest to Live the Questions with Holistic Integrity and Intrepidity.

We Activate, Explore and Liberate Human Potential Through Embodiment, Sensorial Expansion/Awareness and Our Place in the Blueprint of Nature. We Exist in the Field of Possibility Crafting Transformational Art, Experience and Creations. We Express with the Intention to Shine a Light. This is part of our Sacred Activism.

We #standwiththeUkraine because we stand for #Peace #Love and #Liberation. Always.

Can we have peace on earth while we have war within ourselves, with each other and with our planet? No. Non-violence with self and others and with all creatures is a necessity. Take time to listen to what you need to be an Agent of Compassionate Liberation. The world needs that more than ever. Need #inspiration? Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting the work of the very people who have or are doing that very thing.

From Mahatma Gandhi

Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.
If light can come out of darkness, then alone can love emerge from hatred.


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