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Welcome to the Mystic Peaks Studio WeBlog!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Greetings Desired Guest,

Welcome. I wanted to begin this online journal with a welcoming invite. The studio Librarian ran a search across the web to see what words wove this one into existence. Welcome is derived from wilcuna, Old English, as is a part of me, and has roots in desire, as do I/we. Willa meant desire/pleasure/choice and Cuna meant guest. Pretty stellar! I have been musing a lot lately on this wholly trinity, Desire- Pleasure-Choice, and enjoy this synchronicity. This triad is rich in paradox and we're ready to dive in with open minds and radical allowing.

We will introduce the studio, the (growing) team, the vision and the mission over the coming days, weeks and months. Much is still being revealed through engaging with the process. Mystic Peaks Studio was born from a desire to infuse and uplift the collective with luminous vision and thoughtful reflection. This studio is a creative sustainable adventure rooted in the sensorial experience. Both a playground for the Muse and a workshop for the Mystic. A portal of inspiration. We are concocting up a brew of delight. Spinning the worlds of dark and light. As concoctionists we put a twist on life. Elevate the mundane. Investigate the arcane. Celebrate the reframe. Bridging the sacred and the profane.

This website is an exploration.

A invitation to the imagine nation.

A living inquiry.

A dispatch, a diary.

A path of discovery.

Our heads in the stars, our hands on the earth, our hearts in our artful way of being. We journey through ancient and modern myth merging with fluid reality - all through the lens of our own unique experience. We are the stories of the multiverse.

Thank you. You are closing the loop between the writer, the words and the reader. Between the artist, the art, and the viewer. The witness is an important part of the co-creation process. Without the beholder there is no further insight. The observer holds space and creates a new cycle. A kind of cultural sustainability. An innovative relationship. A link. This form of conscious relating creates a geometry between us. A web. We are truly the world realizing itself with and through each other. We are all prismatic beings and all of us welcomes all of you. We cross over to walk on the wild side. We let our senses, our curiousities, our desires be our guide. So glad you are joining us on this journey. Together we weave, together WeBlog.

Creative flares and imaginative dares to come. We will be sending out weekly dispatches. Currently mixing media and creating an art gallery, audio storytelling, poetic musings, mystic meanderings and product performances are a sneak peak of what's to come. As the future reveals itself into the present moment so much more is in store.

The ground quakes when we partake and the soil breaks giving rise to starry snakes. We uncoil awake to have cosmic cake that we can both bake and eat for imagination's sake.


*Image credits:

  1. Spiral in the Woods, Mystic Peaks Studio

  2. Stellar Quakes, Nasa APOD

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