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Rhythms of Existence

Freedom is allowing life to follow a natural rhythm. It's recurrent, there's ebb and flow, yet no resistance. This is our natural state of existence. Unless of course we resist it. While we're all for rebelling here at MPS, why rebel against your own important needs? Growth moves in cycles of deterioration, stillness, regeneration, and abundance. Stillness is not motionless. Even images of static energy bring forth a certain tension. An energy. When juxtaposed, rest and creation can seem like opposites. They are wise old friends within the same cycle, just different phases - like the moon tells us about each month. The dark of the new moon makes the stars really come alive. The dark, the rest, is the beginning. So once again nature schools us in what it means to be living from a place of our true nature, our creativity.

Nothing is Static <-> Mystic Peaks Studios

That nothing is static or fixed, that all is fleeting and impermanent, is the first mark of existence. Everything is in process. ~Pema Chodron

Returning to our research and studio practice after a seasonal pause. Winter in the north. It was longer than expected as time feels squishy these days. That's one word that comes to mind anyway. A lot of gentle energy was spent listening within the stillness and holding space for rest. A studio mantra is We Rest to Create and we honour all of the cycles with our intention to be living a rhythmic free existence. We experienced squishy time can be stretched.

Rest to Create <-> mantra art <-> Mystic Peaks Studios

The surrender of rest calls to us. Rest is different from sleep. It can be different things to different people and even different as we change. Remember staring at things in fascination for hours as a child? Clouds, bugs, people. Before we learned it was impolite to stare, we sat as observers contemplating the world with awe and curiosity. Senses heightened and engaged. Time was no-time-at-all. No wonder children are so creative! Allowing the inspiration of life to entertain you while relaxing is a brilliant thing to do.

Lately soaking it all in through the senses has been an assignment for both research and pure pleasure. I dare you to take some time for radical rest and also to rest into inspiration. Revel in what resting is to you and absorb the energy received through that rest. Rest to Create to Rest to Create. And always celebrate making great choices.

~Nichola @ Mystic Peaks Studio


Staring at the stars.

And the lines on a piece of wood.

All of it.

The universe in motion.

<-> Wild Star Mage <->

Bottom three images curated for your inspiration are provided by Wix.

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