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Mountains Reach Moonlit Rivers in the Atmosphere

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Mountains are living fractals with stunning geometry, both grand and incremental in scale. Overflowing with inspiration they stand tall as earth’s surface elevated. Joining the sky and the land, the ridge lines carve out their place in epic proportion. Mountains rise #untamed to tell the stories of time laid rest and still being formed. Ever moving both subtly and powerfully. Sometimes we can hear the crumble and tumble of a rockslide from across the rivers from the stone giant known as T'szil in the language of the Lílwat7úl Nation.

T'szil / Mount Currie <-> Mystic Peaks Studio <->

Mystic Peaks Studio is nestled in the coast mountains of British Columbia. Situated on the north end of the Garibaldi range at a tributary of rivers. Where the wind and the rivers meet. We are on a fertile flood plain resting on a riverbed. There are gifts and challenges with this location. The bold landscape is awakening, suspending us in awe. There’s a distinct fragility to being in this place. Aware of our vulnerability we feel the complex reign of the elements over this locality. Extreme weather is the norm here, and it is growing more so each year.

This past week held devastating weather events across BC. Enduring the unpredictable patterns of nature can be brutal yet here we are - inhabitants of this wild world that is more complex than we can possibly know in real time. Past wisdom can guide us, yet each day is fresh with new exceptions. This week the atmospheric rivers met with our skies and showed us the imperium of nature unleashed.

Mystic Moon 01 <-> Mystic Peaks Studio <->

All of this under a frosty full moon and notable lunar eclipse. We know the moon pulls on our tides and affects the waters, even within us - our personal inner waters. The full moon energy can bring profound moments of lucidity and it can be intense bringing things to a head. Often the challenges illuminate new pathways if we are paying attention. Wisdom must be integrated, and lessons applied to keep those passages open and accessible.

We watched the storms with a mix of concern and wonderment. These types of events can be invigorating if they don’t end badly. Our hearts and charities go to those affected.

We sat under the full moon and contemplated how all of us are under this same sky with such different lives and circumstance. Some spellbound by the eclipse energy. Some experiencing complete collapse, or the threat of it. Some, all of it. Intertwined through nature, both human and the natural world. Woven together and immersed in diversity.

Enthralling and eye opening. We are truly in the wilderness of the wilds no matter how much authority or dominion we try to maintain. Still we command and maintain more privilege than any other species over this planet. The difficult part is to acknowledge our role in the growing intensity of climate events. Every action has an effect, and we share one world. We can have some control by listening, being creatively prepared for anything, staying tuned in by being present with what is, and ultimately thinking beyond ourselves.

We choose power through presence instead of powerlessness through detachment. The lessons get stronger the more we don’t pay attention. Choosing curious consideration over fearful fixation was revealed under the enchanting moonlight. An opportunity to be a conscious co-creator of the world we breathe in where we can live to thrive another day is always upon us.

May you be well on your adventures and find the fuel for your creativity to be part of the change you wish to see. Everyday we have the chance to be brave. To not take anything for granted and to not shy away from that which could destroy us. This weeks imaginative dare is to get comfortable with the juxtaposition of power and powerlessness and use it to create something in living inquiry with the truth of the complexity of life simply unfolding.

River in the Atmosphere <-> Mystic Peaks Studio <->

A dispatch from the desk of Nichola.

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1 Comment

Maya Poly
Maya Poly
Nov 23, 2021

I was curious about Mount Currie and here it is in all its Black and White Glory. Love the Tszil reference, which i looked up: The name Tszil comes from the Ucwalmícwts word meaning “the majestic mountain that provides the valley with its stunning backdrop.” And as i walk in my valley and look up, aspiring to my creative nature, i see what the mountain gifts the valley.

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