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Mountains, Moons. Waters, Woods.

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

A visual poetic journey.

From the mist, vision attunes to uncertainity and when the sky clears a new clarity is found.

The moorland merges in shape from reflection revealing the center.

Awe is perfection liberated at the embrace of the elements performing in playful potential.

The great turning is occuring in response to creative evolution.

Cycles & Seasons,

Shadow & Light.

Teachers on the Path.

The mountains seem unchanging yet they are always moving under the sun and moon. In this we learn, from the micro to the macro, that intrinsic aliveness is where destiny is co-created.

Portals exist everywhere in the natural world, including the wild

within us, technology is an extension of our desire to connect the

seen with the unseen and translate the mysterious unfolding reality.


All images & writing copyright Mystic Peaks Studio

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