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In the Forest; A Mystic Brew of Shadow & Light

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

In the woods we gather the ingredients we need to make a mystic brew. Whether in the actual deep forest, a park, or simply in the forest within, there we can seek what yearns to be found just through being present. A living inquiry. We blend and mix our findings and allow magic to brew. Magic is the elixir that keeps our cups filled infinitely when we ourselves empty into stillness and allow the space to be filled.

Last week's post was a rich offering and asks for space to digest. To integrate. This week let's enjoy a creative digestif. A simple, strong medicine to aid in absorption that is also yummy.

The neighbouring forests to the studio are dark with the seasonal transition that bring days in multitoned moody shades. There’s nothing like a wander thorough the woods to soothe the body, mind, spirit. It is truly medicine. We find it more mystical than gloomy this time of year and a chance to be nourished, inspired, and liberated.

When it’s too stormy to venture out for long or at all, the more inward creative adventures call to us. At Mystic Peaks Studio we make things to both celebrate nature and celebrate our nature to create. Everything we do is rooted in our awe of wild nature and human nature.

Enjoy these #creativeflares and allow the balm of the forest to do it's magic:

Fractals in the trees in a mirrored image remixing the geometry observed in nature.
Dark Forest Remix 01 <-> MysticPeaksStudio <->

In the forest

senses take flight

while combing the ground

under shadow and light

a mystic brew

senses alive

absorbing everything

roots down below

up into the atmosphere

spiral wave motion

ebb and flow

sending geometry

patterns, signals

that include you,

me, us.


Poet @

<-> Mystic Peaks Studio <->

Fractals in the trees in a mirrored image remixing the geometry observed in nature.
Dark Forest Remix 02 <-> MysticPeaksStudio <->

The forest

Deprived of light

By ominous clouds.

All the leaves have fallen.

No wind

No noise

Just silence.

Sweat drips from my nose.

Legs burn deep.

Moving from tree to tree

The cool air calms me.

As time passes away

The clouds grow dark.

Snow is coming



Poet @

<-> Mystic Peaks Studio <->

#imaginativedare Self-inquiry: What does my inner forest look like? Go for a walk in it. What do I see, smell, taste, feel, hear, know? You can do this in the outdoors as well and we highly recommend both explorations as part of the living inquiry.

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