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Connecting Creativity, Courage & Curiosity

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We continue with our phenomenological research, sharing the gems discovered along the way. Phenomenology is the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience.

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Here in the studio, we have the intention to create an atmosphere of bravery because creative expression requires courage. Any creative adventure is an invitation to be courageous. Creativity is a relationship we can nourish and a muscle we can strengthen. It also draws on and expands our sense of courage. A creative act is both an inner and outer exploration. Curiosity is a frequency we can engage to fuel our courage and jump start our creativity. Documenting what inspires you and peaks your curious nature leans into the driving force of our intrinsic inquisitiveness. We will dive into this more in coming posts. The desire to explore drives us past our current state into expansive transformation. Our growth and evolution builds on our sense of connection between these qualities.

Message from the Mystic Rivers: Artistic sustainability rides on these frequencies, which do ebb and flow, so proceed with gentleness during the ebbs and vigour during the flow!

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Living a sensorial adventure is part of our core culture here at MPS as it grounds us and fosters connection.

Sensorial: Of or relating to sensations or sensory impressions. We delight and take great pleasure in creative courageous sensuality and inter/multi sensory experiences. Through pleasing and awakening our senses we can create a sustainable creativity that is rooted in the #wildallowing of this primal and evolved direct conscious experience. We also protect our creative aspirations as we explore them by elevating how we connect with our own creativity and that of others.

Bjork Retrospective @ Museum of Modern Art in NYC

Music is one thing that can cultivate, curate and enhance an environment of creativity, courage and curious connection. One of our muses at MPS is Björk. An ingenious adventurer expressing the prism of the visionary artist. She is fiercely brave in her artistic journeys disrupting expectations and dancing between the doorways of genre. We are inspired by her quirky liberated boldness. Björk continually transforms herself evolving with her art. We are altered in the process witnessing and experiencing what she uncovers both subtly and not so subtly. She celebrates the full sensory experience and we love her for it.

“I can sense it

Something important

Is about to happen

It's coming up

It takes courage to enjoy it

The hardcore and the gentle

We just met

And I know i'm a bit too intimate

But something huge is coming up

And we're both included

It takes courage to enjoy it

The hardcore and the gentle

Big time sensuality

I don't know my future after this weekend

And I don't want to

It takes courage to enjoy it

The hardcore and the gentle

Big time sensuality



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